New Organizational Structure

In the past few weeks, the Global Coordinating Circle deliberated on a proposal to improve DEEP’s organizational structure in order to harness more effectively the incredible talent and expertise in our network, to enhance inclusiveness and transnational collaborations, and to share coordinating responsibilities in a more equitable and efficient way, among other things.

A distinctive feature of the DEEP Network (as outlined in the Charter) is that: “We are a network of friendship circles that share a common passion and commitment to peace and ecological regeneration. Each circle of friends is connected to other circles of friends around the world through online communication and wherever possible, through face to face meetings, creating in the process a large web of interconnected and like-minded change-makers.” This is now a pivotal aspect of the Network’s organizational structure, along with holacratic and sociocratic principles of organization. See Organization in the About Us section for details of the new structure which has come into effect on 1 July 2020. As an inclusive network, we welcome new members, and if you wish to set up a deep circle, please email us at