Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to the first DEEP newsletter of 2017. Currently, there are DEEP nodes active in Ethiopia, Spain, Afghanistan, Australia, Latin America (including Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Peru), Pakistan, Japan, Kenya, the United States, South Korea, and the Arab Nations (including Morocco, Mauritania, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt), Indonesia and Switzerland. With plans for nodes in Canada, Germany and Malaysia. DEEP is continuing to expand beyond expectations, which affirms the need for a global network that connects Peace Workers, Activist, Academics and Policy makers to be able to share information, collaborate and learn from each other. This in order to strengthen the worldwide movement towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. It is exciting to be a part of this rapidly growing network.

A special congratulations goes to the European nodes who have organised the DEEP Castellon meeting early February of this year. You will find a detailed report in this edition.
As well as to Jelena and all who have helped her with the establishment of the international structure of DEEP as an organisation. Thanks to their amazing efforts we are holding our very first General Assembly on the 22nd of this month, in which we shall decide on members of the Executive Circle and the Advisory Board as well as approve the elaborated Articles of Association, Membership Form and other DEEP documents. Followed by a discussion on DEEP Network’s future activities and the annual budget.

In this edition we are introducing two new elements. The first one is the DEEP Community Notice Board, to be used as a place for collaboration, to share about skills, help with projects or consultancy for a certain expertise, announce internships, volunteer opportunities, upcoming dates, particularly useful funding deadlines. The second new element is an interview section in which we present a different person, committee or node each time. This edition you get to meet the members of the Networking and Communications Committee and learn what drives them.


DEEP GLOBAL MEETING 3- 5 February 2017

On February 2nd 2017, members from across the DEEP nodes convened for the annual gathering of the Global DEEP Network. As our DEEP Director Alberto Gomes teaches in Castellón at the Peace Master’s program every year, we used the opportunity to hold a DEEP meeting in this city and got to enjoy some beautiful sharing and co-creation (as well as some sunshine!) over the long weekend.

Members were welcomed from a total of six different nodes:
1. DEEP Global and DEEP Melbourne- Alberto
2. DEEP France – Celia
3 .DEEP Germany – Marisol, Kevin, Wikbe, Mirko, Lini, Clara & Rachel
4 .DEEP Kenya – Jean-Boy & Hamdi
5. DEEP Spain-  Egidio, Josep, Ioulia, Nenna, Lori, Jenny, Carlos & Eunah
6. DEEP Switzerland – Jelena

Newsletter_2017-04 (1)

DEEP members enjoying an afternoon working at a beachside cafe in Grau, Castellon.

Aim of the Meeting
The gathering was an opportunity for members to come together to share projects, explore new ideas and work on some of the core DEEP strategies to move the global network forward. As well as talking about some of the essentials for establishing the Global DEEP network in its legal form, we worked in collaboration on three core topics:
1. Membership
2. Accountability and Trust
3. PR and branding

Newsletter_2017-04 (2)Format of the weekend
DAY 1: Friday 3 rd February
The weekend began with an official DEEP seminar held at Universitat Jaume I – an open meeting that was open to the wider university community and an opportunity for people to come along and learn more about the DEEP network. As well as the core DEEP members, the meeting was attended by several curious students from across the campus, as well as the local press, who wrote an article about the gathering for the Castellon newspaper El Periòdic.

Egidio de Bustamante chaired the meeting and gave a general introduction to the group.
Gloria Abarca, the Deputy Network Director & Director of Mexico City and Latin America
node then spoke about Education for Peace and was followed by Alberto Gomes, who
talked about the nature of DEEP, and spoke of the importance of unlearning our behaviours
to strip back to the innate values of the human spirit and the strong qualities of humanity. He
talked of the Seven Vices of society and how DEEP is working to turn these into Seven Virtues:

  1. Newsletter_2017-04 (3)

    Listening to Gloria and Alberto speaking at Universitat Jaume I

    From Ignorance to Knowledge

  2. Hatred to Love
  3. Fear to Hope
  4. Arrogance to Humility
  5. Competition to Cooperation
  6. Greed to Generosity
  7. Apathy to Empathy

Newsletter_2017-04 (4)The two speakers then answered questions from the floor. In the afternoon we were given a screening of a selection of short films called Voices of the Migrant, created and screened by Celia Demoor, Director of DEEP France.
Celia spoke about some of the work that she had been doing in what was the ‘Jungle Camp’ in northern Calais and also introduced some of the future projects that she has been given funding to take forward.

We then spent time talking to new members about how it would work to open a DEEP node and to join the DEEP Reunions, new meetings and beers in the university cafe team – whilst enjoying catching up with old friends and making new ones. We finished the day sharing a delicious paella together at one of the DEEP houses in town.

Newsletter_2017-04 (5)

Discussing ideas to co-create and support DEEP Global

DAY 2: Saturday 4 th February
On Saturday morning we met together at the University and spent the morning exploring some of our responses to DEEP and why we are all part of the global network, including our wishes for the future of DEEP. We then shared thoughts about some of the core topics that we wanted to talk about together, eventually focusing on three key areas:
1. Membership
2. Accountability and Trust
3. PR and branding

Newsletter_2017-04 (6)We created a World Café forum and spent time over the following few hours exchanging ideas and creating some questions to explore in more detail later. In the afternoon, we moved the working sessions to the beach and spent several productive hours in a café in Grau working closely in small groups on these three topics. The PR and Branding group musing on ideas Talking ‘Accountability and Trust’ Evening was party time and we enjoyed a relaxed evening sharing cocktails and stories together in Castellon.

Newsletter_2017-04 (7)DAY 3; Sunday 6 th February
On day three we enjoyed a slow morning and came together in the afternoon to share our thoughts and work from the previous afternoon. We spent time exploring some of the questions that each of the working groups had raised as well as thinking about how to action points moving forward. We had a discussion about different ways to bring the Global
DEEP network together and facilitate sharing across nodes and regions. Discussions focused on ways to bring the wider DEEP network into more of the gatherings and to allow all nodes to feel a part of the wider network. Ideas were also raised about bringing interns from the Peace Masters into DEEP projects, as this is something that has successfully worked in the past and something that students (and DEEP members) would welcome.

Newsletter_2017-04 (8)There was then time to share some of the projects that people are currently working on and explore possible ways of supporting each other and collaborating together across the DEEP networks, including a presentation from Rachel (DEEP Germany) on her education project ThoughtBox, an introduction from DEEP Germany on a project currently in development called Youth Café and an invite from Celia from DEEP France to support her work with refugees in Calais.
The weekend finished with a walk in the sunshine, some shared tea and food and an evening of happy conversations and connections. We look forward to coming together again soon and welcoming members from our wider network.

Shiny happy people at the end of a great DEEP weekend.

Shiny happy people at the end of a great DEEP weekend.


DEEP Germany Update

We have come out of the Global DEEP meeting in Castellón in February inspired and keen on strengthening the network and furthering new projects. Please see the description of our current project below:

Developing Youth Café

We have been developing a concept among DEEP Germany Members, initiated by the ThoughtBox Founder and Director Rachel Musson.

Youth Café is an educational online platform to support intercultural dialogue about social and ecological topics. Schools and youth groups from different regions of the globe are invited to enter the café and build up a profile about themselves for others to learn from. Each month, a different topic focus is introduced (e.g. Love / Peace / Religion / Democracy) and a question and challenge will be set. The question will allow students to interact within their network, whilst the challenge will require them to work with a team from a different country, culture or context to come together to play games and solve a series of problems.

Newsletter_2017-04 (10)

DEEP Community Notice Board

This is a place for collaboration, to share about skills you offer or request, help with projects or consultancy for a certain expertise, announce internships, volunteer opportunities, upcoming dates, particularly useful funding deadlines, or just to get in touch with other DEEP members about anything really.
Are you interested in writing, editing, or seeking interesting stories around the world? Join Global DEEP’s  – Networking & Communications Working Committee!


Meet the DEEP Networking and Communications Committee

Newsletter_2017-04 (11)Mirko Sbeih

What is your background?
I am German-Palestinian and worked six years in a music company that a friend and I founded after high school. It was a beautiful and highly rewarding time since I learned so much in a fun and self-employed way. We produced music CD’s, organized concerts and tours and were involved in video productions and artist’s legal distribution rights. Afterwards I followed the call to study abroad, leading me to a Bachelor in Psychology in the Netherlands and the MA of Peace, Conflict and Development Studies in Spain.

Why and how are you involved with DEEP?
During my time in the music label it was a great passion to conceptualize projects and to implement them. I loved the feeling of ideas that actually get alive. And it is essential for me to work within a beloved and honest team and to get involved with various people. What I missed is to believe that these projects contribute to positive change in a social and ecological way. That is why I could not be more happy to follow my passion now, by working within the global DEEP network as well as within the team of DEEP Germany, which I co-founded with other Co-DEEPsters. I am very grateful to be part of DEEP.

What skills do you have that could be helpful to the network?
I like to work with ideas and to develop concepts as long as I believe in their implementation. I think to have good analytical skills on a meta- and detail level and like to contribute to improvements of different work that is within the establishment process. Also I enjoy to engage in the development of business-, promotion- and management strategies and feel comfortable to engage in negotiation. These feel like less practical skills though and there might not be of great need right now.

What would you like to share with your fellow deepsters all over the world?
There is incredible strength in our common valued network and like minded actions for positive change. For me it is essential to feel motivated, to know that I am not alone, that we do can contribute to positive change and that our actions are meaningful. I would like to share our inspiration and our enthusiasm, to learn from each other and to engage as one united network for the various facets of peace. Therefore communication is crucial, which is why I am happy to be part of the Networking and Communication Committee.


Newsletter_2017-04 (12)Erin Campeau

What is your background?
I have a Bachelor of Science in psychology and Spanish language, literature, and culture, as well as a Master of Arts in international peace, conflict, and development studies. Most of my work experience, however, has been in education as an international elementary teacher.

Why and how are you involved with DEEP?
I first learned about DEEP in 2015 when I was a studying under Alberto Gomes at Universitat Jaume I. I have been following the organization since then but haven’t known how to get involved, mostly because I do not live near any of the nodes or any fellow deepsters. Still, being connected with DEEP has been important to me simply because our world, now more than ever, needs networks of individuals who are committed to peace and understanding. As someone who sincerely believes in the power of nonviolent dialogue, and as someone who has had the honour of studying with and knowing so many deepsters, I know that the philosophy of DEEP is the philosophy I want to live by. When I was approached with the offer of joining the Networking and Communications Committee, I graciously jumped at the opportunity.

What would you like to share with your fellow deepsters all over the world?
As an individual, I am not sure what I can share other than my vision and desire for a different global reality. While that might not seem like much, to me it is the very foundation of peacebuilding networks. As someone from the United States, I suppose I would also like to share my sincere promise to work toward a more peaceful future. What I’ve seen transpire in my home country post-election has filled me with a very real sadness but also hope as I watch people rise up for peace. I suppose that I simply want to share that many U.S. Americans are working as hard as we can to transform the ongoing cultural and direct violence that or country is experiencing (and unfortunately projecting onto the world).

What skills do you have that could be helpful to the network?
I have a sincere love for every aspect of the writing process, and my hope is that I can share that passion with others in a way that might benefit the network as a whole. I am also fluent in Spanish and would love to do translation work (though I must admit that moving from Spanish to English is easier for me than the other way around). However I can contribute, I will!


Newsletter_2017-04 (13)Priscyll Avoine

What is your background?
I am from Quebec and I studied a Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies in Spain and I am now doing my PhD in Political Science and Feminist Studies in Canada. I have been living in Colombia for three years before moving last year in Montreal where I co-founded with other three partners the local NGO Corporación Descontamina, which is working in peace building and nonviolent action. My current research and professional activities are focused on the process of demobilization of armed groups, especially women combatants, in Colombia.

Why and how are you involved with DEEP?
I think that for me, it is all about learning; the more you know people working in peace building, the more you get connected, the more you reflect on your practices. As such, for me, the DEEP experience is a sort of global interconnectedness to question our assumed truths and to create new spaces of resistance. This is why I am particularly happy to be in the Networking and Comms Committee as I want to be a small part of this interconnection in between people that are involved in DEEP!

What would you like to share with your fellow deepsters all over the world?
Probably, the wide possibilities of human relationships and all the emotions and experiences that go with it!

What skills do you have that could be helpful to the network?
I think I have a lot of ideas and I always like to be in many projects at once! I also consider that my work carried out by Descontamina could be interesting to DEEP as to enhance the reach of the network in Colombia.


Newsletter_2017-04 (14)Kevin J. Brenneman
What is your background?
My educational background consists of undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Professional Flight Aviation from Purdue University in the USA. As well as a graduate degree in Peace, Conflict, and Development from University Jaume I in Spain. My work history has centered around education (Aviation, English as a second language, improv-theater, and the humanities) and acting (improvisational theater, voice, and film).

Why and how are you involved with DEEP?
I dedicate time and energy to the Global DEEP Network because I believe that how people relate to each other, organize, and create in solidarity is the building block which reproduces culture. This basic concept can see a world of isolated individuals in fear and indifference toward people, environment, and life or something that is conducive to happiness, well being, and support for all life. In this sense it is important to find a community in which you can exchange ideas that lead to a proactive involvement in creating a culture of peace.

What would you like to share with your fellow deepsters all over the world?
I would like to plan and facilitate educational workshops, write articles, and create audio-visual content.

What skills do you have that could be helpful to the network?
Video production (Adobe Premiere) & Applied Improvisational Theater facilitator (workshops)


Newsletter_2017-04 (15)Sanne de Swart

What is your background?
I am a dutchy who studied Social and Cultural Education, and later Development Studies in Melbourne (where I met Alberto Gomes) and even later Peace Conflict and Development  Studies in Spain. After that I did a fellowship in Sustainability Leadership and co-founded the Kids In Nature Network. I have been mainly living in Spain, Latin America and Melbourne for the last decade and a half, of which I spent one year as a International Human Rights Observer in Guatemala with Peace Brigades International. And since a year an a bit, the new part to my identity is that I am a mother to a very special little kid :).

Why and how are you involved with DEEP?
What excites me about DEEP is the potential of connecting all these wonderful people doing amazing things all over the globe to create a more socially just and sustainable world. As coordinator of the Networking and Communications Committee I aim to facilitate this connection and make visible the wonderful things that are happening. I believe that when we are standing together and collaborate we are stronger.

What would you like to share with your fellow deepsters all over the world?
I guess this passion to work together and create linkages, weaving a web of peace work all over the globe.

What skills do you have that could be helpful to the network?
Facilitation skills, organisation skills, consensus decision making, lots and lots of ideas, but not enough time and capacity to do them all.


Newsletter_2017-04 (16)The person missing from the Networking and Communications Committee in this section is Carla Chianese (in picture with Alberto Gomes). She is part of the DEEP Kenya node in Nairobi. As we don’t have an interview with her, we hereby include the video that was made to present DEEP in Yogyakarta, as well as at the Peace, Conflict and Development masters Program at Jaume I University in Castellon, Spain past January.
Carla did an awesome job at presenting this video. We also thank Kevin for putting it all together.



Newsletter_2017-04 (17)Meet several of the members from various nodes and countries who each share a brief few words about current projects in their regions.

Check out the DEEP Youtube channel for more videos from the various nodes!