Responding to Anger: A Stoic Approach

Hello Deepsters, It’s been a while. I hope everyone is healthy and in a good place. The new year is underway and DEEP Germany is excited to share with you our new project, DEEP Events, including DEEP Yoga, DEEP Talks and other future formats. Under the umbrella of Peace and Conflict Studies, DEEP Events aims to bring people together (on Zoom for now;) to explore life, share ideas and practice skills that one can apply in everyday life. The events range from interviews and discussions. to interactive workshops, and even networking events. What is currently on the Zoom schedule? • 25 January 2021 @18:30 CET o Guest: Donald J. Robertson “Responding to Anger: A Stoic Approach” o English Let us know if you’ll attend, click on the DEEP Event registration link below: