The broad aim of this circle is to challenge and interrogate taken-for-granted assumptions which veil Western hegemonic perspectives and colonial ideas ingrained in epistemic, normative, and educational practices. It will bridge theory and practice, bringing together scholars and practitioners to engage in intellectual exchange and the co-production of knowledges by decentering the West as the sole referent while bringing South-South conversations to the center. The circle is committed to reclaiming and disseminating previously obscured philosophies and knowledges of the South and largely ignored anti-colonial forms of critical thought. To that effect, it intends to foster conversations and exchanges with the hope of creating a collaborative network of diverse anti-colonial, postcolonial, decolonial scholars, activists, and artists.

Coordinators: Carlos Cordero-Pedrosa (Spain): & Jenny I Jin Jang (Spain & S. Korea):


Hema Letchamanan (Malaysia):;  Maryam Lee (Malaysia):; Luis Bravo (Brazil):; Adrienne Brodie (Australia):; Siew Feng Law (Australia):; Shabeena Kutay (India):; Minakshi Rajdev (India):;  Egidio de Bustamante (Spain & Brazil):


  • Organizing and hosting dialogues, workshops, seminars, and meetings.
  • Facilitating the publication of material relevant to the circle’s aims.
  • Creating curriculum, pedagogical tools, and educational programs on decolonization, anti-racism, indigenous knowledges, non-Western philosophies, etc.