Decolonization is often thought of as a historical event that has occurred as countries gained independence from their colonial masters. Currently 68 years after the Bandung Conference, we continue to witness that decolonizing is not only an event, but a process explaining that colonialism is perpetuated through a range of structures and systems that have shaped what is referred to as coloniality. The Decolonizing (Global) Circle exists to disturb the culture of silence created by unequal social relations. We encourage everyone to develop a critical consciousness to interrogate ingrained imperialist views and colonial realities pervading our minds, bodies and lands. The members of the circle are children of the earth who engage with self-decolonization, and decolonizing politically, economically, epistemologically, ontologically. We are committed to creating this space to champion a multiplicity, recognize differences, assert authenticity, nurture a spirit of acceptance, and share accounts of decolonized practices and theories. We intend to foster conversations and create a collaborative network. This process has been ongoing for several decades, and we look to the future in hopes that together, we remain strong enough to interrogate, challenge, and reflect.


Ammar Almostapha (Syria)
Keren Venkaya Poliah (Mauritius)


Alberto Gomes (Australia)
Ama Biney (UK)
Angelo H Galarde (Philippines)
Atufung Ngebenui Sheila (Cameroon)
Anthony Williams-Hunt (Malaysia)
Carlos Cordero-Pedrosa (Spain):
Egidio de Bustamante (Spain & Brazil):
Fadiah Nadwa Fitri (Malaysia):
Fritzie Finmorog (Philippines)
Hema Letchamanan (Malaysia):
Jorge Vega (Mexico)
Jenny I Jin Jang (South Korea):
Joanne Lim (Malaysia)
Leon Moosavi (UK)
Luis Bravo Barros (Brazil):
Makere Stewart-Harawira (Aotearoa/New Zealand, Canada)
Marby Villaceran (Philippines):
Martinus Nanang (Indonesia)
Mild Hombrebueno (Philippines)
Minakshi Rajdev (India)
Muhammad Mushaf Khan (Pakistan)
Nawalage Kavinu Nivinya Cooray (Sri Lanka)
Philomina Osei (Ghana)
Ubongabasi Kingsley Omon (Nigeria)
Sabrina binti Shahabudin (Malaysia)
Saroja Dorairajoo (Singapore, China)
Sonia Jemmotte (Belgium, UK);
Yekti Maunati (India)
Yvonne V Saliling (Philippines)
Ursula Hurley (UK)
Vashti Gbolagun Suwa (Nigeria, UK)
Zanisah Man (Malaysia)


  • Organizing and hosting global dialogues, workshops, seminars, and meetings
  • Actively creating and supporting curriculum, pedagogical tools, and educational programs on decolonization, anti-racism, indigenous knowledges, non-Western philosophies
  • Highlighting the importance of decolonizing through testimonials and Indigenous projects