Our projects and activities focus on:

  • Community Engagement: We facilitate intercultural dialogue, elicitive conflict transformation, peace building and ecologically regenerative projects, primarily in partnership with communities whose voices and life-ways have been marginalized, devalued, and neglected.
  • Education: We conduct training and education geared towards capacity building for individuals, organizations and communities in dialogue, conflict transformation, and peace work.
  • Research: We undertake research that enhances understanding of conflict and peace practices and leads to innovative policies and programs.
  • Advocacy: We promote and advocate dialogue, empathic engagement, peacefulness, nonviolence, conflict transformation, ecological regeneration, and the empowerment of people and communities that have been marginalized.
  • Collaborative Networking: We liaise with other organizations to continually add depth and breadth to our understanding and activism. Our ultimate aim is to build a global network for change.

Current Projects: