The San Francisco DEEP Node is dedicated to harnessing the powerful potential of community encounters. Through dialogue and conflict transformation, our community-based projects and research work to strengthen the social fabric and communication channels of our local as well as global communities. We strive to create and facilitate spaces of dialogue and conflict transformation through the arts and creative approaches to community conflict and cooperation, including dance, music, improv, theater and peace education.


The SF DEEP Center shares the vision of the DEEP global network. We embrace the positive potential of the here and now as well as a vision for a sustainable and better future for local communities through dialogue, human empathy and ecological sustainability. From local to global levels, our multidimensional peacebuilding approaches create change through community-based action.

Our center’s focus is dialogue and the art of elicitive conflict transformation. We understand participants in conflict as key figures in their own transformation rather than as mere recipients of specialized knowledge. We move from more prescriptive approaches to conflict resolution to elicitive approaches to conflict and creative potential focused on conflict transformation. This means that our main task as facilitators and researchers is to catalyze response strategies that open up creative processes of discovery of community members.

Conflict transformation resembles an art and not a technique. Our approach reflects this shift in conflict studies; we approach community peacebuilding through the elicitive art of conflict transformation and dialogue. Such perspectives look at conflict as part of life that never disappears and as something to be transformed through creative methods. We believe that the relevant elements for conflict transformation already exist in the settings in which we act as facilitators, in community-based projects, peace education workshops and research. Through dialogue and empathic engagement, the relational energy of the conflicting parties opens up possible avenues for conflict transformation. In an elicitive vein, we channel and set in motion existing or communally held knowledge related to creatively transforming conflicts between individuals, groups, communities and the natural environment.

Where we work

DEEP San Francisco works extensively in San Francisco Bay Area communities. As reflected in the diversity of its staff members and in global collaboration and solidarity, the activities of DEEP San Francisco also extend to multiple and diverse geographical locations and communities. This is important to the overall mission of DEEP Network and the central DEEP hub located in Melbourne, Australia.