Semillero DEEP Circle (Castellon de la Plana, Spain).

The Semillero circle comprises mainly students studying the International Master in Peace, Conflict, and Development at Jaume I University, who are from diverse cultural backgrounds. The word “semillero” is Spanish for seedbed, which can also mean nursery or incubator. It was adopted as the name of the circle to reflect the Circle’s primary aim of spouting and nurturing, like a seed, projects, and activities that promote social justice. The circle intends to ‘seed’ spaces for dialogue, growth, and transformation through peace circles, exhibitions (film/photography/theater/arts), and experiential workshops. The thematic priorities of the Semillero circle include interculturality, gender equality, environment, social Innovations, youth empowerment, and wellbeing. 


Coordinator: Renelyn Lastimosa, 



Isabel Beltran,Alexandra Duarte, Yulia Volianska, Paula Valero, Liat Pracht, Oscar Tovar, Laura Merchan, Barbara Torrente, Laurence Klein, Bich Viet Anh Nguyen, Alexandra Haslinger, Jenny I Jin Jang, Egidio de Bustamante, Pamela Daccache, Adrian Cardozo, Clara Gehrunger, Hugo Saiz Valero


Upcoming Projects

  • Human Library 
  • Art to integrate distress  during Covid
  • Peace Photo Exhibit “ Until the mask goes down” 
  • Zen Workshop 
  • Laboratorios creativos de hombres y masculinidades
  • Intercultural Workshop 
  • Workshop series on Masculinity 
  • Open Space: Living Realities 
  • Critiquing Art for Dummies: Art Tour