Our projects are aimed towards:

  • Organizing intercultural dialogue, elicitive conflict transformation, and peace building projects in partnership with marginalized communities;
  • Undertaking research that enhances understanding of conflict and peace practices and leads to innovative policies and programs;
  • Conducting training and education geared towards capacity building for individuals, organizations and communities in dialogue, conflict transformation, and peace work; and
  • Networking and collaborating with other institutes to continually add depth and breadth to our understanding and activism.

Projects in planning

* Buen vivir: Creating Common Grounds
Civic Engagement, Round Tables and Public Action around the topic of ‘Buen Vivir’ in a multicultural world, Migration and Integration.

*Wilderness Education in Kyrgyzstan for children – Reconnecting with Land and People
Project content: peace, cultural and environmental education.

The goal of this project is to educate more young people, women and school teachers about the correlation between nature and resources, basic ways of self monitoring of local environment and familiarising them with mining industry, social and environmental awareness as well as teaching ways of cooperation and dialogue building (Phase 2) and communicating non violently (Phase 3).

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