Paul Komesaroff, Michael Komesaroff and Roger Mendelson: Australia’s response to the Ukraine crisis is a missed opportunity

This opinion piece on the Ukraine crisis, co-authored by Professor Paul Komesaroff, a member of DEEP’s Advisory Circle, was published in Pearls and Irritations (see for information about this public policy journal). Not only did diplomacy fail spectacularly but the responses of governments around the world was, perversely, to turn away from the search[…]

The art of reflection as an arts practitioner

As a reflective practitioner, I am continually looking back at my performances in the theatre, in the boardroom, the classroom, the community, the secure unit, and the open-air space. I always want to get something, some benefit from delivering the work that I do. Usually, the benefit is of me learning something. If I go[…]

One Humanity

How can we inspire?  How can we build?  What can we do so that we feel fulfilled?  Fulfilling our hearts free from pain or disaster,  Ensuring each day is a ‘happy ever after’.  But how can we reach there?  And where do we start?  Perhaps the starting point is our hearts…  Can we learn to[…]

12th June – 1m2 against littered nature 2021

Written by: Laurence Klein The ‘LIBERA, united against littered nature’ project, created by the environmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) SEO/BirdLife, in alliance with the non-profit organization Ecoembes, came to life in 2017 to curb the consequences of abandoned litter in natural spaces (littered nature, basuraleza in Spanish) in Spain. Ecoembes promotes a circular economy through the[…]

Story of a Forest Trek

  I have had the good fortune of living with the Orang Asli, Malaysia’s Aborigines, who are renowned as forest Indigenes. They are remarkable storytellers and from them, I learned that telling a good story is an effective way of conveying one’s thoughts or ideas. As humans, we are hardwired to communicate through stories. A[…]