The DEEP Network is a global, culturally diverse, and volunteer-based community of peace activists, scholars and change-makers.  The words—Dialogue, Empathic Engagement and Peacebuilding—that make up the name of the network represent what we do, foster, facilitate, promote, and advocate. The network brings together passionate and committed change-makers from across the globe, generations, and cultural backgrounds who strive to foster hope, love, compassion, generosity, and empathy in a world afflicted with increasing xenophobia, bigotry, violence and apathy. We are a young network in terms of how long we have been in existence and also in the sense that most of our members are young. Through established nodes (local action groups) operating in a wide range of countries and regions around the world, we work primarily in partnership and collaboration with people and communities whose voices and life-ways have been marginalized, devalued, and neglected and who may experience an intersection of multiple forms of discrimination. Our projects:

  • promote diversity and intercultural understanding
  • bridge divides
  • enhance empathy
  • empower marginalized voices and communities
  • transform conflict before it escalates into protracted violence
  • foster ecological regeneration
  • facilitate policy innovation