Organizational Structure

DEEP is a network of multiple semi-autonomous circles connected with each other, like the interdependent and interconnected parts of an ecosystem. The circles are as follows:

DEEP Circles (DC):     

Each circle comprises of several members working on a project, which can be an activity or event or interest-based collaboration. It may be transitory, formed for the purpose of a project or continuing with its members engaged in a series of projects. The members of the circle are not always based locally; the circles can be national, regional, or global. Any DEEP member may initiate a circle inviting friends or associates to collaborate in a proposed project.  The initiator, referred to as lead link, is responsible for organizing the project, seeking funds (if needed), assigning the roles for others in the circle, liaising with the other network coordinators, and publicizing the circle’s projects on the DEEP website and social media platforms. Each DEEP Member may choose to be a member of multiple circles simultaneously or sequentially. Several circles have established officially registered country-based organizations. These include France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mozambique and Nepal.  DEEP circles in France, Germany and Indonesia have their own websites accessible by clicking on the respective links.

Regional Circles (RC):              

To facilitate network coordination and communication, the DEEP circles are grouped into one of the following regions: Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, North & Western Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania (Australia, NZ/Aotearoa, Pacific Islands) and Americas (Abya Yala). Each region is coordinated by a regional circle comprised of all lead link members in the respective region. Each regional circle nominates one of its members to represent the region in the Global Circle. The role is on a rotational basis and the term is for one year.

Global Circle (GC):

The global circle consists of a Director, Deputy Director, and the Regional Circle Representatives. The GC is responsible for policy and operational matters in relation to the coordination and maintenance of the network and links at the global level. It appoints the Director and Deputy Director. The Director and Deputy Director are responsible for managing the day to day functioning and administration of the DEEP Network; administering the funds available to the DEEP Network subject to the approval of the GC; and preparing the Annual Report of the DEEP Network and other relevant reports. The GC shall form working groups whenever necessary to assist it in carrying out Network tasks and to explore, formulate and undertake new projects and directions.

The current members of the GC are as follows:

  • Dr Alberto Gomes, Global Director (Australia)
  • Dr Gloria Maria Abarca, Global Deputy Director (Mexico)
  • Carla Chianese (Kenya)
  • Carlos Pedrosa (Spain)
  • Ikfina Maufuriyah (Indonesia)
  • Lino Machaieie (Mozambique)
  • Marisol Bock (Germany)
  • Prakash Paudel (Nepal)
  • Priscyll Avoine (Canada)
  • Sanne de Swart (Australia)

Advisory Circle (AC):

The GC shall invite distinguished and notable persons to be appointed to DEEP’s International Advisory Circle. Its roles include: advising on policy and strategy to meet the aims of DEEP; advising and assisting in projects, activities, promotion of the network, management of DEEP resources and publications; identifying sources of funding and grants for DEEP; and endorsing the annual report of DEEP.