Daira e Hamdardi is Urdu for Empathy Circle. Based in Pakistan, this is a circle of volunteers striving for just and equitable society for all through diversified engagement including but not limited to training, dialogues, action projects and research. Its members are passionate and committed to contribute towards the broader goal of the circle with the available resources and capacities. While the circle represents the entire country, its focus is on Baluchistan. The foci of the circle’s projects include peace building, enhancing social harmony, promoting economic and social empowerment of deprived communities, and creating awareness on climate change and carrying our projects related to climate action.  The initial projects are concerned with the empowerment of women and young people and the creation of safe spaces for these sectors of population as well as working towards for building just communities. Members of the circle have contributed to theater performances, capacity building training programs on peacebuilding, action projects, and creative expression activities and dialogues. Daira e Hamdardi is currently planning to conduct a research study on women issues as well as an online awareness campaign through dialogue, sessions engaging stakeholders, academia, social-human rights activists, media and people for all walks-of-life to raise collective voice towards just, equal and equitable communities. It also plans to formally register the circle as a non-profit organization in Pakistan as well as expand its membership.

Coordinator: Dilawar Khan

Members: Najeeba Syed, Jan Muhammad, Noorzada Kakar, Zaheer Abbas, Zubaida, Jawad Ahmed Mirza and Naseem Ara