This circle focuses on the relations of coloniality that still forge and sustain international relations and peacebuilding today. Its key objective is to create a space to share translocal experiences of oppression, vulnerability and injustice in order to transform them into cross-border and collective feminist forms of resistance. As such, the circle will explore the global structures of oppression and offer a collective and feminist space of discussion to jointly contribute to the decolonization of knowledge and practice in peacebuilding. Its emphasis is on feminist solidarity and friendship as a point of departure to confront oppressions and privileges in all their complexity and globality. Through virtual discussion circles, the feminist decolonial circle wishes to reconnect our interdependencies, vulnerabilities, and struggles.

Coordinators: Priscyll Anctil Avoine ( & Catherine Viens (

Planned Projects:

(1) Monthly circles to share knowledge and practices in Decolonial Feminism.
(2) Organizing and carrying joint conferences in collaboration with Lüvo on Decolonial Feminism.
(3) Three blog posts annually on Decolonial Feminism for the DEEP website.