DEEP Germany is a registered not-for-profit association since April 2016. Its members work on building everyday peace, which at DEEP is considered an ability that can be learned and put into practice. This circle supports people to relate to themselves and to each other in healthy ways. Through peace education, it promotes dialogue, raises awareness, and fosters empathy. In doing so, the circle members aim to consider holistically the various forms of violence and injustice. In carrying out its projects and activities, DEEP Germany collaborates with other scholars and peace workers as well as medical doctors, educators, theatre pedagogues, musicians, artists, and experts and project managers of various development organizations.

Coordinators: Lina Westermann, Marisol Bock, Mirko Murad Sbeih and Wibke Gehringer.

Members: Dr. Alexander Horstmann, Kevin J. Brenneman, Anton Pleva, Clara Mei Sonnborn, Johannes Jacubasch, Rachel Musson, Janosch Sbeih, Anja-Raniah Sbeih, Lukas Nagel, Verena Bloch, Dieter Gehringer

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 Past Projects & Activities:  

  • DEEP Germany co-designed and facilitated a peace educational project on three consecutive days for 800 students and 40 teachers at Madrid’s German School in 2016 on various peace-related topics.
  • It carried out diverse theatre activities: set up a series of theatre play in Hamburg and improvisation activities in collaboration with DEEP France.
  • It led a number of educational workshops for high school students, teachers, and for children living at asylum homes on various topics, such as: improvisation, gender-based violence, racism, identity, digital diet-ethics, filmmaking, systemic thinking, Aikido and peace, creative project management, Resilience, and more.
  • DEEP Germany has worked with partners such as The Enchanted School, ThoughtBox, LAG, ChangeMakerXChange and Initiative Neues Lernen.

Planned Projects/Activities:

This circle is currently setting up several online projects such as DEEP Talks (the hosting monthly online talks on different DEEP related topics) and Yoga4Peace (a series of yoga sessions to improve the inner well-being).

For further information about the DEEP Germany Circle, check out its webpage: