Jepara is a town on the north coast of Central Java in Indonesia. This circle is focused on educational and peace work carried out through two separate organisations that were founded by its coordinator, Ikfina Maufuriyah (Fina): Jalin Damai (Peace Network) and Komunitas Peduli Anak (KOMPAK) Jepara (Community Childcare). Jalin Damai focuses on promoting acceptance, interfaith dialogues, and multiculturalism and bridging divides through educational projects, youth programs and community peacebuilding activities in Jepara. KOMPAK is a community-based organization concerned with promoting inclusive education and learning diversities/differences, supporting children with special needs, facilitating parenting education, bridging home and school, and engaged in advocacy of access rights of special needs children to proper education, healthcare, and social support.

Coordinator : Ikfina Maufuriyah (Fina), Email:

Ikfina is an experienced educator and ardent advocate for inclusive education for children with special needs. Together with her spouse, she runs a Pesantren (Islamic Boarding House) with about 200 middle secondary student residents who also attend classes on Islamic studies. Fina also teaches at Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Islamic junior school) and advice teachers of Semai Kindergarten dan Elementary Schools, particularly on curriculum and supporting children with special needs.

Current Project: To raise awareness on early detection and intervention of dyslexia in Indonesia, KOMPAK will run public online seminars and training workshop. With support from an Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) of the Australia Awards Indonesia program, this project will be run in partnership with Indonesia Association of Disleksia (Asosiasi Disleksia Indonesia/ADI) with several ADI professionals as resource persons.