About Kahansanan Circle

The word ‘kahansanan’ means hope in the Kadazan language.  Established in XXX,   KAHANSANAN CIRCLE’s initial (and continuing) focus is on capacity building and cultural preservation, specifically promoting the Kadazan language to the younger generation of Kadazans and interested youth in general; this includes running of classes. Over the years, the circle has expanded its efforts to include additional community-based initiatives aimed at promoting empathy, peace, intercultural dialogue, and ecological regeneration.


Juliana Jimis

Email: kahansanancircle@gmail.com

Juliana is a Kadazan (an Indigenous group in Sabah, Malaysia) born and raised in Putatan, Sabah.  She holds a BSc. in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, USA majoring in Travel Industry Management and a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Currently running and coaching youth and individuals to not only learn a skill that is useful to improve their technical knowledge, but a soft skill that is truly helps them take charge and condition their inner worth and increase their ability to access the abundance opportunities surround them. Her combination of more than 20-year career spans a variety of positions in education, travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry. Her current professional interests are in youth’ English and Kadazan language training, motivation and development skills, and career consulting for school leavers.  Despite her various involvements, she also holds several important positions, including chairperson of a district Youth Wing, as a result of her active involvement with the Sabah culture-promoting NGO, Kadazan Society Sabah. During her earlier career as an international flight attendant for Malaysia Airlines, she had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the world. The knowledge, experience, and exposure to the world, she said, will be shared with school children, particularly those in rural areas, to help them become good global citizens.

Juliana explains her decision to join DEEP by stating, “This platform allows me to connect with other indigenous people in Sabah and abroad.  I would be able to encourage as many people as possible in my hometown to join DEEP and learn more about the future of indigenous people.


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Recent/Ongoing Project/Activities of Kahansanan Circle 2022/2023

Project funded by University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Research Grant Scheme (Grant Code:  SGI076).  This project is a collaboration with UMS to produce and publish modules for Youth. (Parked under Kahansanan Circle, a circle network under the Dialogue, Empathy, Ecology, and Peace (DEEP) Global Network introduced by Dr Alberto Gomez). DEEP is a global, culturally diverse, and volunteer-based community of change-makers.

  • The Research Grant Scheme is a brainchild of Mindset Solutions headed by Juliana Jimis collaborating with UMS Senior Lecturer, Ms Mary Monica Jiony from Labuan Faculty of International Finance (another member of DEEP Network and DEEP Kahansanan Circle), this project is projected to be completed by 31/12/2025.
    • Related motivational talk/activity to kickstart this project was held on December 19, 2022, at UMS Labuan for approximately 200 undergraduate students enrolled in the GT00503 Business Communication course. 
  • Meeting with Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Officials to finalize the collaboration effort to produce a module on youth development

  Past Project/Activities

  • Community and Ecological Regeneration:

This endeavoured to improve community solidary and environmental consciousness. Activities that have been carried out include

  • Communal work (gotong royong) that brought together members of the community to clean up beaches.
  • An online festival for children aimed at promoting knowledge about Kadazan culture and language; this aligns with DEEP’s goals of promoting diversity and intercultural understanding, as well as empowering marginalized communities.
  • Organizing and carrying out food aid programs and other support to people in Putatan and Penampang Districts in Sabah severely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and other calamities such as floods and house fires.
  • Setting up of Persatuan Gerak Amal Sabah (PERGASA)(Sabah Charity Movement Association), a non profit organization- organizing and running community welfare and well-being programs. PERGASA is one of DEEP’s collaborative partners.