Kenraak is an Orang Asli (Malaysian Aborigines) group that was founded and established by Amani Williams Hunt (Bah Tony), Ayob A/L Panjang and Bah Jali A/L Bah Jit in April 2015. It is now a registered limited company in Malaysia. When it was first set up, its members were mostly Semai (a sub-ethnic Orang Asli group) living in villages in Perak, Malaysia and in due course it expanded to include other Orang Asli members. Kenraak is the Semai name for a hard-shelled wild fruit resembling a very small durian.  It is tough to crack open by force but splits open naturally when ripen and ready. Some Orang Ali hang the fruit at the entrance of their homes as a talisman to ward off malevolent spirits. The Kenraak group has called itself by the name of this fruit to symbolise strength and autonomy in its work focused on advocacy for Orang Asli constitutional, cultural and land rights, the provision of legal advice and support to Orang Asli, and running projects and programmes aimed at community and self-development, education, and the conservation of traditional art and culture.

Coordinators (Directors): Norita Williams-Hunt (Email:, Clive Allen Williams-Hunt (Email:
Head of Art and Culture: Edmund Ross Williams Hunt.
Legal Advisor: Amani Williams Hunt.
Honorary Advisor: Alberto Gomes.

Current Project:

  • Ongoing advocacy and legal work.
  • In collaboration with Athena Holdings, Kenraak has begun a project in Selangor focused on developing income-generating, eco-friendly economic opportunities for Orang Asli villagers.


Planned Project: Eco-tourism project focused on community development as well as the preservation of nature and traditional art and culture.