DEEP Malaysia Circle was formed in 2019 and officially registered as a non-governmental organization in Malaysia as Pertubuhan Dialog, Empati, Ekologi dan Perdamaian Malaysia. The main aims of this circle are twofold; (1) work with communities and people who are marginalised, and (2) engage in dialogues with policymakers and civil society. The Circle held two roundtable dialogues focused on the notion of safe school for all children in Malaysia. The first dialogue was on stateless and undocumented children, and the second one was on Orang Asli children in school. The Circle has also hosted several webinars in collaboration with the Centre for Malaysian Indigenous Studies (CMIS) on issues faced by the Orang Asli communities. DEEP Malaysia has 30 members.

Coordinators: Welyne Jeffrey Jehom, Hema Letchamanan, Kamal Solhaimi Fadzil, Brandon Scott, Abdullah Naib, Phillip Wong, Nor Arlene Tan.