DEEP Mozambique is a voluntary, non-profit Mozambican association that works to promote peace, social justice, ecological regeneration, and sustainable development. It is currently based in the city of Maputo but with plans of setting up more circles in Mozambique. The association is in the final phase of legalization, having already submitted the final version of the statutes to the Ministry of Justice for approval, which is expected in the first quarter.

Coordinator: Lino Machaieie (Anthropologist/ Peace builder), email:


António Rungo (Statistician, email:, Adriano Biza (Anthropologist,, Arsénio da Conceição (Public manager,, Admilson Cossa (IT Engineer,, Estevão Manhice (Anthropologist/ Public health specialist,,  Freide César (Geographer/ Public health specialist,, Rachid Muleia (Statistician,, Anita Zunguze ( Communicator and Master in Government and Society,, Elcio Matlhombe (Physician,, Ivete Macamo (Anthropologist,, Helder Djive (Anthropologist,, Leonildo Langa (Lawyer,, Anselmo Matusse (Anthropologist,

Planned Projects:

Peace education in schools and local communities, Research on peace and environmental issues, Climate change solutions.