Summer School on Transforming Societies: Dialogue and Emphatic Engagement Toward Peace

An interdisciplinary course delivered by an Indonesian premier university, in collaboration with Global DEEP Network, focused on:

  1. Critical reflections on humanity's multiple ecological, economic, social and health crises.
  2. Different and avant-garde perspectives on the world.
  3. Exploring ideas and practices of creating a good society or good life
  4. Innovative and dialogical exchange of philosophies, paradigms, projects, and plans.

Date: 16 August – 17 September 2021
Course Fee: Early Bird (IDR 900.000,-) Regular (IDR 1.200.000,-)
Course Application: 03 July – 31 July 2021
Credits: Upon successful completion of the programme students will receive a certificate and 10 academic credits, suggested as equivalent to 5 ECTS or 3 US semester credits.
Via: Online

Coordinator: Dr. Joash Tapiheru (

Course Overview

We live in a world stricken with several interlocking social, economic, and ecological crises. While the current covid crisis has devastated the lives and livelihoods of many people around the world, climate change remains one of the biggest challenges of our times. Based on the premise that out of crises can emerge opportunities for social transformation, this interdisciplinary course presented by an international team of academics, activists, and practitioners offers critical, invigorating, and innovative insights on how we can build an alternative world where a good life is possible for everyone. Some of the topics covered include critical education and media, Indigenous wisdom, racial and gender relations, and the building of peaceful, nonviolent, socially just, healthy and ecologically wise societies. To open different perspectives on the world, the course will be dialogical and interactive, structured to stimulate the sharing of ideas, knowledge, stories, projects, and future plans.