DEEP Kenya wins gold awards at the 2018 Polaris Awards

We are pleased to announce that our Director of the Kenya Node, Carla Chianese has won two Gold awards at the 2018 Polaris Awards. The Polaris awards is the global contest for election campaigns, political advertising and public affairs. Carla Chianese consulted for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and their Kenya Electoral Assistance Program where she shared her expertise in civic engagement and strategic communications to design and lead national public affairs and outreach campaigns during the 2017 Kenyan general elections. They won the Best Web Ad (NGO/public affairs) category for “Ugly Words”, a web-based ad produced for the #BetterThanThis campaign to raise awareness about Violence Against Women in Elections (VAWIE) and its impact on the low participation of women in politics in Kenya. The second Gold award was won in the category of Social Media (NGO), for their peace and violence interrupter campaign titled Taifa Letu. Carla designed the social media and digital campaign to better integrate approaches for conflict mitigation, outreach and communications programming for peace and nonviolence during the 2017 Kenyan general elections.

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