We are organized as an independent non-profit association.
We work in an impartial, non-denominational way.
We emphasize cooperation and collaboration, inclusiveness, equality and cultural and ecological sensitivity.



photo-Lina-150x170Lina Westermann

Lina Westermann is a peace worker, facilitator and educator. She currently coordinates a project to empower young refugees by offering them a network of support and possibilities to get involved in their communities. From 2016-2018 she worked in a secondary school in Hamburg, as a Teach First Fellow, where she mainly supported marginalized pupils in strengthening their self-esteem to build the future they want for themselves. She continues her work in schools by offering co-learning and school development processes that help to transform current conditions into desired outcomes. She holds an M.A. in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies from the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace in Castellón, Spain. She is passionate about transformative learning processes, loves to connect people and to bridge divides. With her German-Peruvian background, she has a special research interest in postcolonial/decolonial perspectives and indigenous knowledges and cosmovisions.


Marisol C Bock_photo-150x170Marisol Cristina Bock

Marisol Cristina Bock is a peace worker and researcher exploring the transitions toward sustainable livelihoods from an ecofeminist perspective. She has a B.A. in Arts and Culture from Maastricht University and an M.A. in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies at the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace in Castellón, Spain, where she is currently doing her PhD research. Marisol has lived in 6 different countries and switches between languages and cultures with ease and sensitivity. In the practical field, she has been involved in co-creating and managing educational projects at schools around peace building, gender, intercultural dialogue, digital diet-ethics, music and martial arts. She has worked with people from diverse origins, generations and social backgrounds in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel/Palestine, Egypt and Indonesia. Marisol is enthusiastic about holistic project design, systems thinking, gender and the connections between personal growth and social change.


DSC_0251b_p-150x170Mirko Murad Sbeih

Mirko Murad Sbeih is a peace practitioner and works as a legal guardian for the district courts in Hamburg, Germany. He holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands and an International Master’s Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies from the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace in Castelló, Spain. As a practitioner Mirko is versed in skills related to organizational management, strategy building, mediation and leadership. He has been an active member of several organizations, dealing with intercultural dialogue and conflict transformation and is part of the ‘Global DEEP Network’ since its establishment. Mirko co-founded DEEP Germany, where he links his academic and professional expertise to his passion for practical projects in the field of peacebuilding. His desire is to contribute to research and implementation of structural change.


photo-wibke-150x170Wibke Gehringer

Wibke Gehringer is a peace practitioner and works as a social worker at Rom e.V. Köln, where she is part of an intercultural team. From 2016 to 2018 she was a manager and social worker at refugee shelters of the German Red Cross.  She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Cologne University as well as an M.A. in Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies from the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace in Castellón, Spain. Wibke is passionate about interdisciplinary research in Peace and Conflict Studies and focuses on intercultural identities, immigration, and post- and de-colonialism. She is fluent in English, Spanish and German and has work experience in various projects in Peru, Argentina, Tanzania, Spain and Germany, among others. Since 2015, Wibke has been an active member of the Global DEEP Network and co-founded DEEP Germany. DEEP reflects her philosophy and work promoting a more peaceful and sustainable world.


Core Members

photo-Alex-150x170 Prof. Dr. Alexander Horstmann

Alexander Horstmann is a professor for cultural anthropology, inter-cultural communication, dialogue and peacebuilding at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Alexander holds a PhD in sociology of development and social anthropology and studied Thai Language in Thailand. Since he was a student, Alexander has engaged with the Buddhist and Islamic world of Southeast Asia. He passionately works on projects in the realm of peace, inter-cultural understanding, dialogue and sustainable development with civil societies in Europe and Southeast Asia. Thereby his aim is to foster empathy, encounters, fun and sustainability, Alexander makes use of his expertise and experience for new and exciting projects with and for DEEP. This includes online teaching on participative citizenship with Prof. Dr. Purwo Santoso (the node director of DEEP Indonesia) and a rights project with civil society activist and leader Nickey Diamond in Mandalay, Myanmar.


2-DSC_53811-150x170Anja-Raniah Sbeih

Anja-Raniah Sbeih is an artist and an educator with a professional degree in child education and quality management coordination. She is a founding member of DEEP Germany. Within the framework of DEEP, Raniah accentuates the importance of inclusiveness and of teaching positive values at a young age, to contribute to improving intergenerational social cohesion. Raniah is specialized in pedagogic work with young children and has 13 years of professional experience in this area. Furthermore, Raniah is a versatile artist. She taught herself painting at an early age and she loves experimenting with different techniques and materials in her art work. She also enjoys combining her artistic passion with her profession as an educator, uniting both talents in specific projects, such as creative design, artistic construction and theater performance with children.


anton-150x170Anton Pleva

Anton Pleva is an actor, artistic-director, and acting coach. He completed his studies at the University for Music and Theater in Hamburg and since has taken part in various film and theater projects. Among various roles he worked for the AdHoc Acting Company and performed on stage for the Ernst Deutsch Theater, the German Schauspielhaus Hamburg, the Theater Münster, and the Theater Bielefeld. For several years now, Anton produces and directs his own scripts, plays, and leads workshops to bring youth and adults in touch with theater. He is passionate about the connection and interaction of arts, culture, society, and science. For DEEP, he represents the various aspects of Dialogue, Empathic Engagement and Peacebuilding through storytelling, theater, and film to introduce different audiences to new social topics. Currently, he is organizing theater workshop in schools and he is hosting our theater series “Ubuntu – I am because you are!” in Hamburg.


Clara-Foto-150x170Clara Mei Ying Sonnborn

Clara Mei Ying Sonnborn is a medical doctor that uses her intercultural sensitivity to contribute to social equality and inclusiveness. She has work experience with minorities and disadvantaged people in several communities. Clara has participated in various humanitarian- and medical projects for different organizations within the field of migration, asylum and refugee crises. She gained medical and sociopolitical experience in Jordan, Palestine, Nepal, South Africa, Malaysia, India, and the South of Spain among others. In the medical field Clara has surgical experience and is currently providing medical care in different refugee homes in Cologne. She is also working as a doctor in a medical practice. Following her personal values, Clara became an active member of DEEP Germany, where she passionately engages in projects for positive change.


Profilbild Janosch-150x170Janosch Sbeih

Janosch Sbeih is a new economics advocate promoting policies, institutions and organisational structures that are designed to put the well-being of people and planet at their core. After working in Johannesburg, Janosch studied at the University College Maastricht where he approached topics of sustainable development from an interdisciplinary angle. He deepened his passion for alternative organisational models in the M.A. Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, Plymouth University. At the International University College Turin, he pursued his interest in innovative governance institutions for the commons in the LL.M. Comparative Law, Economics and Finance. Janosch worked for the German development cooperation agency GIZ and is currently employed as a research fellow for an ‘EU Horizon 2020’ project investigating social innovation in the maker movement. He is also part of the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship Programme of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.


img_0070-small-150x170Kevin J. Brenneman

Kevin J. Brenneman is an improvisor, peace practitioner, and educator. He holds undergraduate degrees in Professional Flight Aviation and Psychology from Purdue University in the USA and an M.A. in Peace, Conflict, and Development from the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace in Castellón, Spain. Kevin works with and researches improv theater and peace studies as a curriculum and teaches in schools in Cologne, Germany. His educational interests include the relational connection in interpersonal communication, storytelling, group collaboration, creative expression, applied improv, and psychology. His hobbies include rock climbing, languages (Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and German), travel and cultures, cooking, soccer, film production, and acting. Kevin is a member of the Global DEEP Network, the Applied Improvisation Network, Global Improv Cologne (SAWA), and Empty Chair Improv. Currently, he lives in Cologne and implements his passion for peace studies, improv theater, and film within DEEP Germany projects.


rachel-150x170 Rachel Musson

Rachel Musson is a secondary school teacher and Founding Director of ThoughtBox. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and PGCE in Secondary Education from Goldsmiths College and an M.A. in Shakespeare and Theatre from the University of Birmingham. She has lived and worked in several countries and has travelled extensively, exploring many different pedagogical systems and cultural practices. She is passionate about educational reform, recognising the limitations of so many of our global education systems. Her own teaching and travel experience (plus wider independent studies) allowed her to spend time writing a book about culture, education and sustainable development. Her education organisation ThoughtBox works with schools across several countries, developing curriculum and dialogue on global topics to allow students to engage with people from different countries and cultures, whilst practising critical thinking and empathy building. ThoughtBox runs several projects together with a range of different organisations to further develop this ethos.


verena-bloch-150x170Verena Bloch

Verena Bloch is an Advisor for Child Rights and Education at World Vision Germany, and a founding member of DEEP Germany. She gained hands-on experiences in Germany as well as abroad. Due to her curiosity and love for people and cultures, she went cross-boarder and spend about two years working in eastern Africa – Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique – and joined a project on the dumps of Manila (Philippines). In Northern Uganda she conducted ethnographic field research in a rehabilitation center for child soldiers, which resulted in deep interest and knowledge about the on-going conflicts of the African Great Lakes Region and its global interconnections. Her passion for a just world makes her active alongside her professional career leading to an involvement in various political and social justice campaigns in cooperation with several organizations, such as the International Justice Mission, Oxfam and the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival among others.