Since April 2016 DEEP Germany is an independently registered association and a member of the ‘Global DEEP Network’ that exclusively acts for non-profit purposes. We work to strengthen international and intercultural understanding, cooperation for development and peace building for an ecological and sustainable future.

To generate positive change we adopt a multidimensional peacebuilding approach, that supports people to relate to each other in positive ways. To do this, we make use of tools, such as intercultural dialogue, conflict transformation and peace education that strengthens awareness as well as transformation and human empathy.

We do not work for communities, but with communities-

Currently ungoing projects:

 megazorn_webDas autoritäre Internetzeitalter des Megazorns         

We present the three-part publication of the German-speaking play ‘The Authoritarian Internet era of Megazorn’. It is an online production Live on Youtube and each part is approximately thirty-minutes.

“Das autoritäre Internetzeitalter des Megazorns” – Part 1, 2 und 3:
-> 2.5 / 20.30 Uhr (Teil 1 /
-> 6.5 / 20.30 Uhr (Teil 2 /
-> 9.5 / 20.30 Uhr (Teil 3 /
Live @ YouTube

The project is a contribution to the nationwide campaigns against right-wing as part of the 75th anniversary of the liberation from National Socialism. DEEP Germany collaborates with the theater group Sexy Theater Menschen, the Ernst Deutsch Theater and Die Vielen. Until May 31, all three parts will remain available online on YouTube and on the Ernst Deutsch Theaters website under Mediathek. This is as foretaste of the original in autumn 2020.

You can find all the information here or on the Facebook Event.

Our projects are:

* Conducting Training & Education

We consider it essential to promote an education which transcends, subject-bound classes and deals with social and global topics. We also believe that such type of projects with younger generations are necessary to move towards sustainable positive change, away from harmful structures.

In this framework, we design and prepare educational projects with a range of contents and formats, for different age groups. We work on diverse topics and  problems together, motivating students to develop creative, political ideas which include self-awareness. Thereby we take care to include voices of marginalized groups and spread democratic and economically fair structures that empower all participants.

We work with various German and international schools, universities and other educational organizations in and outside of Germany.

DSM_kleinGender-Based-Violence Prevention           
From June 25th to June 26th 2019, DEEP Germany again co-headed with Calatea a ‘Gender-based violence prevention’ program at the German School Madrid, Spain. The 120 participants learned from a peace perspective about the history of violence against women and their resistances, as well as about the relevance of feminism in everyday life.


Bildungsfestival2019_kleinBildungsfestival 2019
In June 2019 DEEP Germany participated in the Bildungsfestival / ‘Education Festival’ in Essen. It is Germany’s largest youth education conference from young people for young people. The festival adresses education injustice and targets disadvantaged students. As part of the Festival Challenge’, we worked collaboratively with students on a variety of socially important topics. More information on:  


FullSizeRender-6Training on ‘Racism in Schools’                                                                                 
In February 2019 DEEP Germany facilitated a training on “racism in schools” for 25 young teachers in Hamburg, Germany. These changemakers are part of Teach First, a globally acclaimed organisation that promotes equality through education. We as DEEP Germany are very grateful for the phenomenal attendance and incredible energy in the room. In their day-to-day life the TeachFirst fellows face a variety of great challenges as they all work in schools with severe inequality and marginalized children. One of the challenges is to understand how racism affects the pupils since the majority has a family history of migration.

Plakat_web-mini2‘All of This is Me’ – Identity Workshop
From January 25th until February 16th 2019 DEEP Germany held a project in a shelter in Cologne, Germany, which took place over four weekends. The project titled, ‘All of This is Me’ worked with children between 10 and 15 years old who live in the shelter. The project encouraged participants to reflect on their various identity features thereby shifting the stigmatising attribute ‘refugee’ into the background. The aims of this project were to identify their modified living conditions together, to strengthen their self-confidence and to value the plurality of their identities.

We are very grateful that the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeit Bildung Kultur NRW e.V. funded our project.

Formation a la facilitation“Formation à la Facilitation”
In January 2019 DEEP Germany co-conducted a two day workshop with DEEP France in Lille, called “Formation à la facilitation”. The objective was to prepare future facilitators how to better facilitate improvisational theater workshops in high schools and associations. The workshop was a continuation of the previous initiative, “L’Autre, c’est moi !”, which was also held in Lille, France in 2017. In addition to facilitation skills, the theory and practice focused on improvisational theater and John Paul Lederach’s elicitive approach.

-workshop Format-:
Part 1: elicitive improvisational theater workshop
Part 2: reflection, discussion, theory & facilitating tips
Part 3: participants plan their own workshop
Part 4: participants facilitate the workshop
(Reflection, feedback & closing)

Big-Think-kleinThe Big Think
We are really proud to share The BIG Think, a one day connected-learning festival on September 14th 2018 in Totnes, UK. The festival is supporting students from various school in their transition to become independent learners. It is organized by our DEEP member and ThoughtBox founder Rachel Musson. We are happy to participate as a collaborative partner with some small contributions and hope to be part of it personally next year. We wish everyone a wonderful festival!


Geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt-kleinSexual and Gender-based Violence Workshop
On June 25th and on July 27th 2018 we gave a course on Gender theories and Sexual and Gender-based Violence prevention for 10th graders of German School Madrid, Spain. In the course we deal with the following issues: What kind of stories do we tell in our media, sciences and in daily life, which fix certain gender roles? Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) is direct, structural or cultural, hence it is partially invisible. We talked about history and current facts on SBVG as much as about its resistances. In this context, feminism, ‘the radical notion that women are humans’ can be seen as a movement that concerns everyone as it searches for social equality at all levels.

DS-Cali-webGender-Based-Violence Prevention Workshop
On April 17th 2018 DEEP Germany held a gender-based-violence prevention workshop for the 10th-graders of German School Cali, Colombia. In this project 60 students aged 15 to 16 learned about gender-based violence (GBV) and its resistances, both in history and in present times. The aim was to raise awareness on both, the grossest expressions of GBV such as feminicide and sex trafficking as well as the more hidden cultural aspects of patriarchy and the ways in which it affects society. Participants gained insight into a wide spectrum of gender issues and got to eliminate possible misunderstandings regarding relevant concepts while they developed their own perspective through an interactive methodology.

DS Baranq-web2Digital Dietethics Teachers’ Training
On April 5th and 6th 2018 we held a Digital Dietethics teachers’ training, at German School Barranquilla, Colombia. The training was based on a recent publication in Spain by Victor Sampedro ‘Dietética Digital’ which seeks to put Big Brother (digital data corporations) on a diet and strengthen critical citizenship. The aim was to help participants reflect upon individual, social and political identities fostered by the digital world as it is and as they would like it to be at their school. Additionally there was a BAQtalk (inspired by the TED talk format) and debate on the same topic, for senior students of the same school on 5th of April.

ds-baranq-webPeace Educational Teacher’s Training
On August 31st 2017 DEEP Germany led a training for the teachers of the German School Barranquilla, Colombia, on the topic of ‘Peace and Walls’. Teachers learned about the beginnings of peace research, the meaning of peace as a concept, conflict transformation through the principles of aikido as well as holistic paths to integrate interdisciplinary projects into their lessons. The next day one of our DEEPsters held a BAQ talk: a speech in the format of TED talks, with the title of ‘How you can be the change you want to see in the world’.

calatea-webProject on Gender-Based Violence with Calatea
From June 20th until June 23rd 2017, DEEP Germany led a new project for a total of 120 students in 10th-grader classrooms at German School Madrid, Spain in collaboration with the association for socially engaging theatre, Calatea. The students learned about Gender-Based Violence, its history, resistances, the relevance of feminism and how our everyday behaviors are related to these issues. The project ended with a theatre show by a group of youngsters coming from Madrid’s Ramiro de Maeztu School, representing their self-written play on sexual violence, as well as a debate among all participants.

resilience-webTraining for the ‘Art of Resilience’
On April 23rd and 24th 2017 two of our DEEPster held a second workshop on the ‘Art of Resilience’ at United World College Maastricht, the Netherlands.In todays highly competitive world students are expected to continuously perform outstandingly in order to secure a successful future. This introductory workshop for fearless self-discovery was organized for students who want to work on themselves and engage in creative and physical activities, mindfulness training, active listening and storytelling, in order to develop their potential through awareness of self, others and the planet.


Our Collaboration with ThoughtBox
Since 2017 we collaborate with ThoughtBox Education, an educational organization that develops interactive curricula on a series of topics which are used by schools and learning communities around the globe. Currently we are working on an array of educational projects together to provide a constructive and creative space for societal issues of today which are not given enough time within the framework of normal, subject-bound classes. ThoughtBox is an educational organization that develops interactive curricula on a series of topics which are used by schools and learning communities around the globe. The core aims of ThoughtBox are ‘Critical Thinking’, ‘Empathy Building’ and ‘Unlearning’. One of our first joint projects is the establishment of an interactive, cross-cultural sharing platform called Youth Café. This will be a forum to connect various schools across the continents, enabling dialogue and a united engagement of young people from a range of different backgrounds.

UGM-webCooperation with DEEP Yogyakarta
We collaborated with our sister organization DEEP Yogyakarta, in the creation of different MOOC (Massive Open On-Line Courses), which were developed in cooperation with Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. The courses were for free and available for everyone who likes to engage regardless of their prior level of education. The aim was to reach disadvantaged groups who want to pursue an education but are not able to. Furthermore this project provided education alternatives by focusing on conveying values such as intercultural dialogue, empathic engagement and positive peace. The courses started in October 2016.

alter-teichweg-webTheatre Workshop on ‘self-organized dialogue’
From September 12th until September 17th 2016 we gave a theater workshop for students aged 12 to 16 years, at the secondary school ‘Alter Teichweg’ in Hamburg, Germany. The demand of the school was to work on the theme ‘Fairy Tales’. Our aim was to enable the students to work independently while accompanying their decision-making processes. The main difficulty was to bring together the very different interests of the students. The introduction of a ‘self-organized dialogue’, was helpful to target this difficulty where every opinion was appreciated and where the students themselves reminded each other to be more attentive and considerate. We are very happy about the positive feedback by the teachers and the students.

UWC-webTraining for Creative Project Management
From September 9th to 10th 2016 DEEP Germany led a creative project management training for students of United World College Maastricht, the Netherlands. The goal of this project was to help tomorrow’s social innovators to make their sustainable projects successful. For this purpose we utilized the method of ‘Dragon Dreaming’, a holistic tool to make dreams come true by integrating theory and practice as well as the individual and the community. Moreover we used principles of social permaculture, empathic listening and charismatic communication.

DSM-projectdays-webProject Days on ‘Peace and Sustainable Development’
From 22nd to 24th June 2016 we organized and led project days at the German School in Madrid, Spain on the topic of ‘Peace and Sustainable Development’. For this purpose we prepared material to cover three days of class for all 5th to 11th graders, offering educative material and structured lesson plans for teachers, as well as an introductory teacher’s training on peace education. During these days, around 900 students critically engaged with interactive learning processes on the topics of ‘social inequality’, ‘sustainable consumption’, ‘crisis for refugees’ and ‘terrorism’. The students teamed up and worked on subtopics which they connected in their debates within and across different classrooms and prepared results, which were shown at the final summer party for all students, teachers and parents.

* Fostering Community Engagement

We want to get people from diverse generations and cultures get together in a series of organized events. The purpose is to build bridges between local communities and to promote empathic engagement among different people and with the environment.

 megazorn_webDas autoritäre Zeitalter des Megazorns         
DEEP Germany presents the theater peace: The authoritarian age of Mega Rage. Authoritarianism and enmity threaten living together in society. Where does this ragecome from? What causes these wishes for hierarchy and demarcation? Do we have an own will? And what values do we want to base our lives on?
The theater group ‘Sexy Theater Menschen’ scrutinizes scientific works from sociology, philosophy and history to find a world in which people want to live together.

It is about nothing less than being able to tackle the biggest problem of all together: the complete destruction of our living space. Caused by us. 26.10.19 / 31.10.19 / 1.11.19 @ Ernst-Deutsch-Theater, Hamburg, Germany. Further information here or on facebook.

International day of Peace-webInternational Day of Peace – Global Meditation
On September 21st 2018, the International Day of Peace, DEEP Germany participated in a global meditation session. The goal was that at the same time millions of like-minded people worldwide pause and are aware of global solidarity; a common movement for positive change and a peaceful world. The call came from our cooperation partner Unify. Anyone with a desire for peace and a sustainable approach to nature was welcome to join from home. In Hamburg, Germany there was also a room reserved in the Buddhist Society Hamburg / Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. More information here or on this video to the project.

The other is me-web‘The other is me!’ / ‘L’Autre, c’est moi!’
We supported a project by our sister organization DEEP France, in Lille. This project brought people from different communities together: refugees and locals of diverse backgrounds, religions, generations, opinions and languages. The project aimed to highlight alternative perspectives on migration, hospitality and identity through theatre and art. The procedure was as following: It began with an initial workshop-weekend, then a week of practice from October 30th to November 3rd 2017 and finally a presentation on Saturday, November 4th 2017.

myanmarCultural- and Human Rights Project in Myanmar
In cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, Demnark since April 2017 we are co-developing a project in Myanmar in participative colaboration with local society leaders. The project focuses on human rights and cultural right issues. with special attention to areas that have a high proportion of ethnic minorities, such as border regions. The goal is to promote the autonomous processes of ethnic minorities who seek representation within social, healthcare and education sectors. We intend to help to expand and create new spaces from within their own framework, in order to promote their fundamental freedoms, such as language, expression and religion as well as cultural rights related to their identity and cultural heritage.

meetings-webGlobal Meetings for Peacebuilding
Our activities as a local association provide us with many learning opportunities as well as the possibility to expand our network, for further engagement. In order to foster such opportunities, we regularly take part in various international peace meetings in which we represent DEEP Germany. We assisted larger events on 5th-6th January 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, on 13th-15th May 2016 in Audruicq, France and in the month of February 2017 in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. At these network meetings and peace conferences, people from more than 40 countries have come together to learn from and with each other and to jointly plan projects that strengthen international understanding, international development cooperation and peacebuilding for an ecological and sustainable future.

flyer-ubuntu_hh-web-2Promoting Theatre for Peace
We have put together and released a theatre play with a group of actors and volunteers, holding two premiere performances on May 6th and 7th 2016, at Hamburg, Germany. The shows were held under the motto of the African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu – I am because you are’. They dealt with in an interactive form societal problems by combining a critical perspective with humoristic acting. The project was successfully presented again on September 30th and October 1st 2016, at Hamburg’s Theater Zeppelin.

Intercultural Dinner-web-2Intercultural Dinner & Sport Events
We aim to promote intercultural Dialogue and empathic cross-cultural engagement by means of informal small-scale events organized around cooking together and team sports. In April 2016 we organized an intercultural dinner with refugees and German citizens, together with the non-profit association ‘Über den Tellerrand kochen e.V., which means something like ‘cooking beyond the edge of our own plate’. After this first encounter we initiated weekly intercultural meetings to play football matches in the city park of Hamburg, Germany.