One Humanity

How can we inspire? 

How can we build? 

What can we do so that we feel fulfilled? 

Fulfilling our hearts free from pain or disaster, 

Ensuring each day is a ‘happy ever after’. 

But how can we reach there? 

And where do we start? 

Perhaps the starting point is our hearts… 

Can we learn to love and care for the other? 

These are just a few things to ponder. 

But why stop there, I wonder? 

Let’s lend a helping hand to those in need, 

Rise above our preconceived notions that breaks the bonds of connectivity, Transform our thinking about race and class, 

Maybe this is a test that we still have to pass? 

With this understanding from the human heart, 

Then we truly understand where to start, 

It begins with you, and it begins with me, 

Because we are part of one humanity. 


About the Author

Nikita Reece is a Doctoral student in International Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies. She is a passionate advocator for equality, justice, and peace at all levels of society. She believes that just an idea can change the world for the better. Her poetry seeks to engage with ideas to spark the creative juices of the mind, to envision a better world.

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