Newsletter December 2016

Welcome to the last DEEP newsletter of 2016. DEEP is a global network that connects peace workers, activists, academics and policy makers to facilitate the sharing of information, to collaborate and learn from each other, in order to strengthen the worldwide movement towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. Currently, there are DEEP nodes active in Ethiopia, Spain, Afghanistan, Australia, Latin America (including Mexico, Brazil and Peru), Pakistan, Japan, Kenya, the United States, South Korea, and the Arab Nations (including Morocco, Mauritania, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt), Indonesia, Switzerland, France, Germany and the latest addition in Ghana. With plans for nodes in Canada, Colombia and Malaysia.

Alberto Gomes just spent a busy but rewarding week in Yogyakarta as a speaker and member of the scientific committee of the Mahathir Global Peace School hosted by Muhammadiyah University. The program was a huge success and many of the participants have expressed keen interest in joining our DEEP family. He also gave a public lecture at the State Islamic University in Yogyakarta and his talk, which was on DEEP, was well received. The Yogyakarta team now have received many applications to join the node.

The Networking and Communications Committee has expanded and welcomes Mirko Sbeih, Priscyll Anctil Avoine, Kevin Brenneman and Carla Chianese. We are very happy with their commitment, that there will be more hands to make the newsletter and thanks to Priscyll we can revive the Spanish edition! This new and exciting collaboration has also translated into a new project called ‘DEEP Project Mapping’  to which all DEEP members around the globe are invited to fill in their personal interests and skills they want to share and grow, as well as the projects they have organised for DEEP.

The planning for the DEEP meeting in Spain is underway and will take place in Castellon in February 3-5 2017. It will be a great opportunity to get together to foster our community, share experiences, practices, tools, and continue the co-creation process of the global network.

Enjoy the read!


DEEP Updates

DEEP France


Due to a mistake by the editor of the September Newsletter, the DEEP France update (apart from the Lille Retreat) was left out. Therefore it will get first mention in this newsletter: 

From April to July, DEEP France carried out a project for intercultural/inter-religious and inter-generational dialogue in a town near Lille, North of France. The project initially emerged as a post-terrorist attacks initiative from one of the inhabitants of the town and was soon turned into a bigger project involving the local people and actors. DEEP was involved from a very early stage in the building up of the project and was then hired as expert to implement it. It consisted of 5 workshops that brought together people of different ages and religions to discuss, build bridges, and undo stereotypes about one another using intercultural education tools. The project was a success and led to the creation of a local action group. The latter is determined to continue working and expand the wave of transformation to more people in town and has plans to start acting from September onward.


DEEP France’s second local action group is based in the town of Calais, now widely known for the migrant communities living there. Its goal is to create a human connection and deconstruct the walls that divide the people living in the marginalized camp known as “Jungle” and the people living and working in the city. For that purpose, they wrote a project called “Mapping for Dialogue in Calais” for which they received around 5 200€ from the US State Department (they were one of the 61 projects selected out of 829 applicants!). It got started at the end of August and should run until June 2017.


In July, the director of the French node, Célia Demoor, was also invited to speak about the Calais situation at the “Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business” seminar organized by the Caux – Initiatives of Change Foundation in Switzerland. She presented her view on the situation of migration in Europe with a particular focus on Calais and introduced the initiative she started in the framework of the DEEP Network.

Last but not least, DEEP France got its first webpage born!


DEEP Yogyakarta


03DEEP Yogyakarta is pleased to share our activities in 2016. Since May, DEEP Yogyakarta has been conducting a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Transformative Citizenship” which has been funded by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta. This project is based on the collaboration between DEEP Yogyakarta with 8 universities which consist of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY), Universitas Negeri Islam (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes), Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unnesa), and Universitas Negeri Medan (Unimed). This project aims to construct citizen awareness and empathy to the participants by encouraging individual commitment to transform or to tackle social problems and become a trans-formative citizens.

Through this course, individuals have been encouraged to internalise the concept of emphatic engagement and peacebuilding as well as building transformative commitment among other participants. Due to the rapid increase of multimedia usage nowadays, this project also showed that peacebuilding through transformative citizens is able to be promoted through a digital course. DEEP Yogyakarta is optimistic that the networks created among the course’s committed participants are the foundation of a valuable community for further work and cooperation. We hope that this project will be a sustainable medium to maintain the DEEP’s values internalization. The project is lead by Professor Purwo Santoso, the director of DEEP Yogyakarta. Data collected shows that there were 900 participants involved in this course. The course is free for everyone and can be accessed in The course is available in Bahasa Indonesian at the moment. In the future, the course will also be delivered in English in order to cater to international participants.

04In October, we were proudly informed that Anna C. Suwardi, one of our members, had been attending a short fellowship exchange program in the United States of America (USA) which was funded by the U.S Department of State. The fellowship is focusing on “Building Think-Tanks Influence and Effectiveness from the Asia Pacific and the US” which involved a total of 24 fellows from the Asia-Pacific region. In the forum, Anna C. Suwardi represented DEEP Yogyakarta, sharing DEEP’s values, goals, and widening the networks among fellows and institutions while enhancing her capacities. She spent 3 weeks in the US and has had the chance to visit numerous well known Think-Tanks in Washington DC such as Brookings, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the East West Center, and many more. She also discussed with the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a non-partisan think-tank with close connection to the Capitol Hill. In her last week in USA, she had a mandatory visit to Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Ohio in order to understand how the election process works in The States. In these circumstances, she was able to attend the Hillary Clinton’s rally at the University of Pennsylvania as well as meet with the head of the Center for Dialogue of Xavier University who is familiar with Alberto Gomes (Director of DEEP Global Network) and eager to build further connections between DEEP and the Xavier Center. In summary, the year of 2016 has been positive for DEEP Yogyakarta, as we were able to spread our values through MOOC and expand our network through our members and several institutions in the USA. For those who are interested to know more about think tanks, please do not hesitate to contact Anna: annacsuwardi (at)


DEEP Germany


The DEEP Germany team is happy to share some of our newest developments with you.

DEEP Germany meeting in Cologne (28. – 30.10)

The DEEP Germany co-directors plus new DEEP Germany member Kevin Brenneman met on the 28th-30th of October in Cologne and had an inspiring and wonderful meeting to discuss further steps and future projects. In addition to planning, a public google map was created depicting the geographical location of each DEEP Node. The next step is to add each DEEP project as a new layer to provide a visual and up-to-date depiction of our Global efforts.

05Successful project at United World College

On September 9th and 10th 2016 we led a creative project management training for a group of senior students from United World College (UWC) Maastricht. The participants were introduced to new tools to help them develop their dreams into successful, sustainable and wholesome projects while learning about the transformative potential of their fears.

06Promoting Theatre for Change

Following our premiere with our new member Anton Pleva, we organized several other theatre events in the spirit of “Ubuntu – I am because you are” in Hamburg, Germany. From 12th until 17th of September we also conducted a theatre workshop at a district school in Hamburg. The aim was to support the students in their independent working attitude and in a joint decision making.

07New collaborations

DEEP Germany is delighted to announce an educational collaboration with our new member Rachel Musson and her educational organisation ThoughtBox. ThoughtBox works with schools across several countries, developing curriculum and dialogue on global topics to allow students to engage with people from different countries and cultures, whilst practising critical thinking and empathy building.

ThoughtBox and DEEP Germany will be working together on a range of educational projects, one of our first being the establishment of an interactive, cross-cultural sharing platform called Youth Café (more details coming soon).

Please do contact us if you have an idea or comment to our projects!


DEEP Melbourne


On the 2nd of October, birthday of Gandhi, we had another Peace Drinks which turned out more to be a Peace Picnic. Despite the overcast, windy weather we had a couple of people from outside DEEP show up, as well as some loyal local DEEP members. It was a lovely gathering.

We also organised its first version of the DEEP Melbourne Peace Film Cycle, held at the Commonground Room of a local restaurant called Lentil as Anything. Both the restaurant and the Commonground Room operate on a pay as you feel basis, allowing people who have more to give to chip in for those who don’t. Because of this, as well as all the food being vegan, it is very much aligned with the DEEP values of empathy, equality and sustainability.


We had quite a successful attendance in most of the fortnightly showings, and were very pleased to welcome Purwo Santoso and his wife from DEEP Yogyakarta to the first screening.

The aim of the Film cycle was to connect and collaborate with other Peace organisations in the area. The focus was often more on the discussion lead after the film than on the film/doco itself.


As a result, DEEP Melbourne was able to collaborate with Peace Brigades International Australia, a Pace e Bene Community of Practice group and with Footprints for Peace Australia, as well as one film night being hosted by our very own DEEP Melbourne members, and founders of DEEP Multan in Pakistan, Uzma Rubab and Saqib Awan.

Such a film cycle or night is really easy to organise and could also function as a fundraiser. All you need is a venue, a laptop, a movie, a projector and some speakers. Make an event on Facebook and get the word out there. We are very happy to help out any DEEP nodes who want to organise something similar! Contact s.deswart (at)

08Tierra de Maiz
Co-hosted by PBI Australia, tells the stories of four Latin-American human rights defenders who are threatened with their lives for defending their right to land, and the role of international
human rights observers.

09Walking for Country
Co-hosted by Footprints for Peace, people from all parts of the world walk in solidarity with indigenous elders in Western Australia trying to protect their land from uranium mining.

10Pray the Devil back to Hell
Co-hosted by Pace e Bene Community of Practice group, about a coalition of Christian and Muslim women in Liberia whose non violent protest persuades a dictator to take their country one step closer to peace.

11Dukhtar (Daughter)
Co-hosted by Uzma Rubab and Saqib Awan on the theme of child marriages in Pakistan.