Responding to Anger: A Stoic Approach

Hello Deepsters, It’s been a while. I hope everyone is healthy and in a good place. The new year is underway and DEEP Germany is excited to share with you our new project, DEEP Events, including DEEP Yoga, DEEP Talks and other future formats. Under the umbrella of Peace and Conflict Studies, DEEP Events aims[…]

New Project of DEEP Indonesia

The DEEP Network is pleased to announce that Ikfina Maufuriyah, who has set up a DEEP circle in Jepara, Indonesia, has been successful in securing a grant from the Australia Award Indonesia to support her circle’s project entitled “Raising awareness of the importance of dyslexia early detection and early intervention among parents and teachers in[…]

New Organizational Structure

In the past few weeks, the Global Coordinating Circle deliberated on a proposal to improve DEEP’s organizational structure in order to harness more effectively the incredible talent and expertise in our network, to enhance inclusiveness and transnational collaborations, and to share coordinating responsibilities in a more equitable and efficient way, among other things. A distinctive[…]

Feminist Degrowth Statement on the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Feminists and Degrowth Alliance (FADA) produced an important statement on the Covid 19 Pandemic. One of the forty FADA members that authored this document is Marisol Bock, a member of the DEEP Global Coordinating Circle. Marisol is currently writing her doctoral thesis on feminisms and degrowth in the Peace Studies Program at Jaume I[…]