Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to the first DEEP newsletter of 2017. Currently, there are DEEP nodes active in Ethiopia, Spain, Afghanistan, Australia, Latin America (including Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Peru), Pakistan, Japan, Kenya, the United States, South Korea, and the Arab Nations (including Morocco, Mauritania, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt), Indonesia and Switzerland. With plans for nodes in[…]

Newsletter December 2016

Welcome to the last DEEP newsletter of 2016. DEEP is a global network that connects peace workers, activists, academics and policy makers to facilitate the sharing of information, to collaborate and learn from each other, in order to strengthen the worldwide movement towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. Currently, there are DEEP nodes active[…]

Boletín Diciembre 2016

Les damos las bienvenidas al último boletín de DEEP por el año 2016. Gracias a Priscyll Anctil Avoine tenemos otra vez una version en Castellano! Priscyll ha hecho todas las traducciones menos cuando esta indicado y unos frases de la editora. Gracias Priscyll! DEEP es una red global que conecta a los trabajadores/as, activistas, académico/as[…]