DEEP Circles

A DEEP circle comprises of several members who have come together to collaborate on projects and activities focused on achieving the vision and aims of the DEEP Network. Some of the circles are locally based but many are globally oriented. We welcome the setting up of new circles. Anyone wishing to do so, please email Here are the profiles of the current circles:

Cameroon Circle (DEEP Cameroon)

To build a better nation, we will start by shaping every root of the tree. Cameroon being this tree and surviving on every family, we as Volunteers have decided to join this non-profit venture to profit the future of our nation. For us to foster Dialogue, Empathy Engagement & Peacebuilding, we have decided to bring it down to the root which is the family.

Daira e Hamdardi (Pakistan)

Daira e Hamdardi is Urdu for Empathy Circle. Based in Pakistan, this is a circle of volunteers striving for just and equitable society for all through diversified engagement including but not limited to training, dialogues, action projects and research. Its members are passionate and committed to contribute towards the broader goal of the circle with the available resources and capacities.

Decolonizing Circle (Global)

The broad aim of this circle is to challenge and interrogate taken-for-granted assumptions which veil Western hegemonic perspectives and colonial ideas ingrained in epistemic, normative, and educational practices.

Feminist Decolonial Circle
[Abya Yala (Americas) & translocalities]

This circle focuses on the relations of coloniality that still forge and sustain international relations and peacebuilding today. Its key objective is to create a space to share translocal experiences of oppression, vulnerability and injustice in order to transform them into cross-border and collective feminist forms of resistance.

France Circle (DEEP France)

The objectives of the circle include experimenting and promoting peaceful coexistence in plurality, acknowledging our differences and hospitality as richness…

Germany Circle

DEEP Germany is a registered not-for-profit association since April 2016. Its members work on building everyday peace, which at DEEP is considered an ability that can be learned and put into practice.

Indonesia Circle

Set up in 2015, Deep Indonesia circle is an inclusive and voluntary-based group of scholars, peace workers and social justice advocates who have open their hands and hearts in their endeavor to promote the values of emphatic engagement, dialogue, and knowledge sharing.

Italia Circle

Established in August 2020, DEEP Italia Circle is focused on community projects and activities designed to foster empathy, peaceability, intercultural dialogue, and ecological regeneration.

Kenraak Circle (Malaysia)

Kenraak is an Orang Asli (Malaysian Aborigines) group that was founded and established by Amani Williams Hunt (Bah Tony), Ayob A/L Panjang and Bah Jali A/L Bah Jit in April 2015.

Montescola Circle (Galicia, Spain)

Montescola is a new word combining the Galizan-Portuguese “monte” (mountain, forest) and “escola” (school). In Galiza, common land accounts for 1/3 of the territory (approximately 650.000 hectares) that are directly managed by traditional assembly democracy communities, significantly contributing to the livelihood of more than half a million people.

Mozambique Circle

DEEP Mozambique is a voluntary, non-profit Mozambican association that works to promote peace, social justice, ecological regeneration, and sustainable development

Nepal Circle

This circle works towards (1) supporting capacity building efforts by local governments focused on the resolution and transformation of existing and potential conflict and social tensions.

Peace Ecology Circle

Peace ecology is an emerging paradigm that combines the scholarly concerns and activism of ecology and peace studies. While it is a relatively new field of study, peace ecology is a time-honoured philosophy and cultural practice of many Indigenous communities.

Peace House Circle

Building on existing structures of self-organization for empowerment of local communities, that provide safe spaces, in which a spirit of dialogue, peaceful coexistence, inclusiveness, experimentation and cooperation flourish, this circle is a network of flexible and multi-sited Peace Houses.

Semillero DEEP Circle (Castellon de la Plana, Spain)

The Semillero circle comprises mainly students studying the International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development at Jaume I University, who are from diverse cultural backgrounds. The word “semillero” is Spanish for seed bed, which can also mean nursery or incubator.

DEEP Tanzania

DEEP Tanzania is an officially registered non-profit organization (Registration No. 00NGO/R/2113). Its members work on building everyday peace, which we consider as an ability that can be learned and put into practice.